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The performance of the company

Shandong Shiheng power plant 380 V 210 kW BCP maintenance projects

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                   Shandong Shiheng power plant, a 380 V 210 kW BCP in the operation process of motor burned fault occurred, send to a company for repairs. After repair is put into operation, found that the motor running current have reached more than 900 amperes. Far beyond the motor rated current of the 448 a, can not run the motor. Then the user will be sent to the motor company repair points also kunshan Tyler doesn't satisfy the requirements. The manufacturer research in all motor repair sent to my company.



                Overhauling found, motor overhaul because previous sounding in a motor bearing WaKuai shed, make the motor stator phase brush, stator gap increase, lead to motor burn down. The biggest gap between stator from the original unilateral 1.2 mm or so into a 3.78 mm. And in the previous repair process, repair factory not only not solve the primary cause of the fault, and the existing motor air gap inequalities, core uneven surface), the core part of silicon steel sintering, rotor shaft bending and motor neck wear of the heat of serious defect not for processing. Just change the motor winding, so motor running current abnormalities.
 Through calculation and analysis, I found that the design of the electromagnetic sounding motor when the current density and thermal load value is extremely high, already deviated from the normal design standards, motor even in normal operation and easy to fever, the windings insulation aging.




                So my company in maintenance, again to motor design, and manufacture motor stator. Adding wire cut area, reduce the heat load of motor and current density. To solve the heat load motor too high and current density problems too. At the same time reformed bearing structure and materials, from essentially improve the reliability of the bearing, solve the problem of the bearing fault PinChu (I company has dozens of power plant transformation dozens sets of this kind of product bearing), making furnace pump motor using the life span several times. Shandong stone horizontal power plant this motor works the same properties are better than those of other motor, operation than the current products out of the factory 25 A small manufacturers, get the user high praise.




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